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At CCH Live we specialise in natural women’s healthcare that is convenient, affordable and effective. We cater for a variety of healthcare needs and have some of the most experienced and outstanding practitioners available to help every aspect of your physical and mental health and that of your family. You can simply book an appointment online and speak with a consultant for a range of health and lifestyle problems.

  • Diagnosis of your illness
  • Prescribe herbal medicine, nutritional supplements and remedies
  • Referrals to specialists
  • Full range of health and nutrition including blood tests, scans and organ function testing

Some of the services that we provide are:

  • Hormone Imbalances – peri-menopause symptoms, menopause and sex hormones
  • Hypothyroid – underactive thyroid assessment and support
  • Stress Relief – advice on how to manage anxiety, depression and brain fog
  • Anti-aging naturally – exercise, food and the best programs to keep mind and body active.
  • Insomnia – effective sleep/wake guides to a restful night.
  • Fitness – women’s fitness plans from teens to seniors including for weight loss and strength training for your body type
  • Nutrition – type II diabetes control, high cholesterol, and weight loss
  • Life-work balance – relationships with family, love and work

For Men:

  • Hormone imbalance -including andropause and sexual dysfunction
  • Fitness – anti-ageing, nutrition and wellbeing advice
  • Relationships and self-confidence
  • Men’s mental health – depression, anxiety and stress


Consultations available by phone, online and in-person.

Webcam Consultations

The service is secure, confidential and easy to use; you just need to provide an email address and have access to a computer or laptop with a webcam and broadband internet access.

  • Benefits: you can show the practitioner your symptoms which can help them to diagnose your condition and advise you accordingly.
  • At your appointed time, the consultant will call you using the details you provided on your booking form.
  • Choose a date and time, select audio or video chat, fill in the on-line consultation form if necessary. Find a quiet place and talk to a therapist in confidence/private.
  • If for any reason, there is a problem with the internet or broadband connection, you can still benefit from your health consultation by telephone.


Before a consultation, where possible, we ask you to complete our on-line questionnaire which should be emailed back at least 24 hours before your session.

  • Or you can book a 15-minute telephone chat with a consultant to ensure that our services are right to your needs and fill the form.
  • The online questionnaire helps us to build an initial picture of your health and gives us an opportunity to look into any specific points raised on the forms.
  • Also, the form ensures your consultation time is cost effective.

All webcam consultations are confidential; both voice and visual images will be recorded for monitoring purposes. By accepting the appointment you are agreeing to the recording and the terms of use. Read the terms of use of the service and privacy policy here

*Note that when you have been sick for a while you will probably require several sessions or comprehensive treatment plan to restore your health.

Health Packages

  • Deep Relax Package


    This personalised package will provide you with the ability to renew yourself with feelings of harmony and relaxation. We will support you through whatever stressful issues you may be facing, assisting you achieve a sense of peace. Using various stress-relieving techniques, Deep Relax will enable you to balance your mind, creating the opportunity to make clear decisions within your life. This package offers a mix of consultation, coaching, and may incorporate elements of stretching, meditation, breath-work, yoga, and Pilates. You will receive a physical and nutritional assessment in order to figure out what is right for you.

  • Optimum Health Package


    Expertly curated to bring you back to optimum health, this package does what it says on the tin! If you have any health or life concerns and desire to approach these challenges from a holistic point of view, then we can help. Whether it be a weight problem, a stressed Mother or trying to returning to health post illness. We will provide you with a bespoke assessment in order to help you tackle whatever is getting in your way using various wellness tools.

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