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Personally curated by our wellness experts, our shop brings you contemporary, and innovative products to enhance your health and solve everyday health issues. We aim to bring you the best natural, environmentally friendly and where possible, organic goods that both heal you and enrich your life.

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  • Body Cycles – 2nd Edition EBook


    The revised and updated second edition of Body Cycles, a practical introduction that connects the physical, emotional and spiritual energies at work in everyone’s life. Body Cycles enriches and informs your everyday health practices. It is not built on cutting things out, but on the values of positive eating, real fitness and lasting happiness. If you are interested in an alternative to the yearly diet narrative and want a new way of maintaining your health all year-round, look no further.

  • Boost Your Energy In Four Weeks – By Jacqueline Harvey


    Featured as Essentials magazine’s, Miracle of the Month - this easy to follow guide is guaranteed to get you busting with energy. It clearly illustrates how you can raise your energy levels step-by-step with advice on eating, stress release, lifestyle tips and exercise routines. Jacqueline Harvey's Boost your Energy in Four Weeks takes into consideration all parts of you - mind, body and soul.

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  • Deep Relax Package


    This personalised package will provide you with the ability to renew yourself with feelings of harmony and relaxation. We will support you through whatever stressful issues you may be facing, assisting you achieve a sense of peace. Using various stress-relieving techniques, Deep Relax will enable you to balance your mind, creating the opportunity to make clear decisions within your life. This package offers a mix of consultation, coaching, and may incorporate elements of stretching, meditation, breath-work, yoga, and Pilates. You will receive a physical and nutritional assessment in order to figure out what is right for you.

  • Optimum Health Package


    Expertly curated to bring you back to optimum health, this package does what it says on the tin! If you have any health or life concerns and desire to approach these challenges from a holistic point of view, then we can help. Whether it be a weight problem, a stressed Mother or trying to returning to health post illness. We will provide you with a bespoke assessment in order to help you tackle whatever is getting in your way using various wellness tools.

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