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Nutritional Therapy

Our CCH Live Nutritional Therapy Sessions focus on your nutrition goals, providing tailored strategies to deal with your specific issues. Whether you are suffering from type II diabetes, high cholesterol, or just want help with losing weight and improving your gut health, our nutritional therapist offers you support to change and improve your health.

At CCH Live, we believe that what you eat is mostly shaped by how you think about food and your lifestyle. We help you understand how your ideas and attitudes about food inform how you eat, allowing you to avoid pitfalls and bad habits.

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Nutritional Therapy

Are you looking to improve your health? Generally not feeling your best for too long? Book now for a health and lifestyle check to find how we can help get you re-set your health.

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Focus Areas

Hormone Imbalance Natural Treatment

Underactive thyroid assessment and support, peri-menopause symptoms, menopause and sex hormones.

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Fitness for Life – Programmes for All Ages

Anti-aging, nutrition and wellbeing advice.

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Stress Relief Treatment

Modern-day life is increasingly punctuated with anxiety and stress.

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Anti-aging naturally – exercise, food and the best programs to keep mind and body active.

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Insomnia Treatment

Effective sleep/wake guides to a restful night.

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Nutritional Therapy Consultation

Type II diabetes control, high cholesterol, and weight loss.

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Life-Work Balance Coaching

Relationships with family, love and work.Relationships with family, love and work.

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Relationships and self-confidence.

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Mental Health Service

 anxiety and stress.

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