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Our CCH Live Life-Work Balance Coaching helps you to protect your wellbeing from the effects of work-related stress, unhappiness and mental health issues. Overworking and a demanding work culture causes intense pressure and neglect of other areas of our life, making it difficult for people to achieve a positive life-work balance.

CCH Live Life-Work Balance Coaching offers you support, resources and different ways to manage a healthy work-life balance. CCH Live offers you the tools to help you take responsibility for your work-related stress and help you to implement a unique strategy for your situation. We will create a schedule that is healthier and more time-efficient so that neither your home life, relationships or work life deteriorate.

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Mental Health

Are you looking to improve your health? Generally not feeling your best for too long? Book now for a health and lifestyle check to find how we can help get you re-set your health.

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Focus Areas

Hormone Imbalance Natural Treatment

Underactive thyroid assessment and support, peri-menopause symptoms, menopause and sex hormones.

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Fitness for Life – Programmes for All Ages

Anti-aging, nutrition and wellbeing advice.

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Stress Relief Treatment

Modern-day life is increasingly punctuated with anxiety and stress.

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Anti-aging naturally – exercise, food and the best programs to keep mind and body active.

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Insomnia Treatment

Effective sleep/wake guides to a restful night.

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Nutritional Therapy Consultation

Type II diabetes control, high cholesterol, and weight loss.

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Life-Work Balance Coaching

Relationships with family, love and work.Relationships with family, love and work.

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Relationships and self-confidence.

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Mental Health Service

 anxiety and stress.

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